Food: Crispy Chocolate Bites

Crunchy, chocolatey and with some fruity cranberries and vanilla, these bites are full of flavour. They are easy to make and vegan and just what[…]


Outfit: Pink Blossoms

Today is actually the 50. blogpost that goes online! When I started my blog back in November, I had no idea how long I would[…]


On My Mind: Comfy Travelling

When I travel comfort is key for me! I always find it quite stressful to be away from home, so to make the whole thing[…]


Food: The Perfect Iron Pan

I always had a thing for traditional, good quality things, so when I received this little iron pan as a gift I was quite excited![…]


Walk and Talk: Spring Edition

I want to have a proper chat with my lovely readers, so today I´m kickin off a new series! It´s all about a walk and a[…]


On My Mind: Dressing To Please

Last weekend was my graduation from university and the struggle on what to wear for this special occasion was REAL. I wanted to look appropriately[…]