Oatmeal Energy Balls

These little vegan balls are the perfect snack and healthy sweet treat for any time of the day! They are super quick to make and a delicious, healthy option to have around for when you[…]

On my Mind: Is This Trend For You?

Trends are like spices in the fashion soup. The flavour that adds something special into the mix. They are what makes the fashion industry move forward, renew itself and remain interesting. And that´s great! But[…]

Monki Jeans

Brand Focus: Jeans

Shopping for jeans can be tricky. You try on multiple pairs and there is not a single one you really like and that fits you perfectly. I´ve been there, done that, it is exhausting. What[…]

Outfit: Faux Fur Leopard Coat

Outfit: Faux Fur Leopard

I always wanted a leopard faux fur coat, but never found one with a pattern I truly liked.  It´s quite hard to get right! But this coat is just pure perfection! I love how chunky[…]