About Me




Hi there and welcome to my blog! I´m Shanice, nice to meet you!


Why I started my blog: After graduating from university, where I studied textile design, I had all that creative energy and no place to put it. I really missed creating and that´s when I started searching for new ways to turn that energy into action. I started blogging at the first of November 2016 and loved it ever since!


What I blog about: I´m really passionate about sustainable fashion, especially the whole capsule wardrobe world, delicious and healthy food and colourful graphic designs!


Why I called my blog ” Texture charms Colour”: I studied Textile Design, a degree program that is really focused on fabrics. That´s when I discovered that every piece of clothing looks so much more interesting when it has a bold texture! Think of a black cotton leggings – not that interesting ,right? But when the leggings is made of black, quilted leather, it´s a whole new thing! I find that fascinating and because my blog is a lot about fashion, I think that´s a really suitable name…


What I do when I´m not blogging: I love to try new recipes ( and eat, a lot! ), cuddle with my two cats and discover new sustainable fashion brands ( I watch a lot of Netflix as well , but shhh don´t tell anyone 😉 )


Some random facts for you to enjoy:

I hate cow milk, I find it disgusting!

I can sew quite good…I even sew a whole collection for my bachelor dissertation

I have two cats, Findus and Pirella

I´m obsessed with Harry Potter! I especially enjoy listening to the audio books

I don´t like to wear dresses

I like to be alone, it´s so peaceful!

Loud noise and crowded places make me feel anxious

I love listening to music! I always have headphones with me

My birthday is 29.06.


Have a question, I did not answer? Contact me at: contact@texturecharmscolour.de