Capsule Wardrobe: How I Add New Colours & Why It Changes My Perception Of Style

Autumn is officially in full force. Falling leaves, cosy evenings and crisp mornings. The full package. I remember this time last year, I only wore cool colours like navy, grey, white, black or bright red, and for this year I wanted to changed that. I wanted to infuse my outfits with some warmer, cosier tones that would add something new to my Capsule Wardrobe. And here is how I did it:

How to add more colour to your wardrobe

Settle on the colours you wanna add and make sure they fit with the rest of your wardrobe to maximise the outfit possibilities. Take your time. Look at the clothes you already own, write down a list of all the colours you have in your wardrobe, and search for some inspiration on blogs or Pinterest… ( I chose beige and off-white, 2 & 3 in the colour palette below )

Think about which items would look great in those colours and would also add some value to your wardrobe ( I needed some new jumpers anyway, so I searched for ones in those new colours )

Because adding new colours into your wardrobe is a risk, I would play it safe when it comes to cuts and fabrics. Stay true to what you feel comfortable in and enjoy wearing. ( I knew I love a boxy fit and either a turtleneck or a crewneck when it comes to jumpers, so I searched specifically for that )

The colour palette of my autumn Capsule Wardrobe

Balance & Contrast

It actually took me some time to figure out why I enjoy mixing cool and warm colours so much, but I think it´s mostly about balance and contrast! Balance is key! It is when it comes to your diet, when you eat a salad and some chocolate afterwards, and it also applies to your wardrobe. Mixing in warm colours is the perfect way to balance out the cool tones of your outfits or vice versa! It also adds a bit of tension and some visual excitement to your outfit, which is what a good contrast is about. That doesn’t mean an all black outfit isn´t amazing and kind of badass, but for me it was new to discover  that cool colours not only work with other cool tones, but that they look equally good with some warm ones, too. What a game changer!   Adding those cosy, warm colour into my Autumn Capsule was such a good decision! Because of them, I was able to create a lot of new outfits that had it both, the fire and the ice,  and it´s been a joy wearing them! It also changed my perception of styling colours in general and therefore my overall style as well…

A Sample Outfit

2 & 3 are the warm tones, 6 & 7 are the cool ones. I love that this outfit feels like my style, while I also added something fresh. Proven cuts and fabrics, but a new colour combo…   What do you think about mixing warm and cool colours in an outfit? Leave me a comment down below…  


I wish you the best day ever!  





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2 responses to “Capsule Wardrobe: How I Add New Colours & Why It Changes My Perception Of Style”

  1. Chloe says:

    I never really go in for these neutral shades since I have blonde hair and super pale skin, I feel like they wash me out but maybe I should try it. I always loooove these colours on other people. This year I’m trying to work more pastels into my wardrobe, to pair with my many black clothes!

    Always love your photos by the way 🙂

    Chloe | Design & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Nice says:

    hey chloe, thanks for taking the time to write me a comment 🙂 I think neutral shades work for every skin tone, but finding the right ones is not easy. It´s all about trail & error, but I think it´s worth it, cause they are so, so versatile 🙂 Pastels are lovely as well, I like to wear them mostly during Spring and Summer, but they sure work all year round. Lovely to hear you like my photos! I use a Nikon D 3000 to take them and I also edit them in photoshop afterwards.
    I wish you a great day!

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