Birthday In Switzerland – Alpes, Hikes & All The Animals

My birthday arrived and for celebration we took a quick trip to Switzerland. We left early on Friday and it was quite a long drive, so we needed a break at some point. We found this beautiful lake and it was the perfect spot for some birthday cake ( vegan chocolate muffins with a raspberry & Oreo filling! ) before we tackled the last bit of driving to Braunwald.

After the journey we where quite tired and just rested and celebrated my birthday with some more cake and a glass of Bellini…

The next day we took the aerial railway to go  further up the mountains. We took a really long hike, which gave me quite a bad blister, but it was totally worth it because the view was breathtaking! And we saw a marmot ( and heard it whistle, so funny! 🙂 )

Time for a quick hiking break…

Time for a quick hiking break…

That view though!!!

The village we stayed at had animals everywhere! And as you know I am the biggest animal lover ever, so of course I had to bond with all of them 😀

Can´t handle the amount of cuteness in this photo!!!

  Aren´t they adorable?!

The view from our balcony, we loved eating there obviously 🙂


On Sunday we took a short hike to a restaurant and ate “Rösti”, a traditional swiss dish made from grated potatoes, so delicious! In the evening we took a last walk into the village to soak in that gorgeous mountains before we left on Monday morning…

but not before taking one last photo in front of my favourite mountain. See you soon, Braunwald, it was amazing!


That´s it for today, I hope you enjoyed seeing some snippets from my vacation. Do you go on vacation this summer? Where do you go? Leave me a comment!  I made a whole blogpost about what I packed for this vacation, so if you wanna have a look at all the clothes I brought, then check out this post…

Want to go on a vacation in the Swiss Alpes yourself? Then Braunwald might be exactly what you are looking for! It´s a lovely car-free village with all the cute houses, a breathtaking view at the Alpes and a really laid back vibe!


I wish you the best day ever!



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