Capsule Wardrobe: A Little Update After Testing


I´m so glad I did a test run with my summer capsule wardrobe, it was quite an eye opener! There were some bits and bobs missing and other items were just unnecessary. By testing I was able to tweak my wardrobe a bit and make it more suitable for my needs. I also learned some lessons that I can use for future capsule planning as well…Today I´m gonna show you what´s changing and why, so here we go!

A few things I learned from testing:

My capsule was not that suitable for warm summer days!

I was lacking some tops and floaty bottoms, but had to many jackets…

My style changes as the weather does

It´s especially like that in summer, so planning before the season started was not really working for me ( something I keep in mind for future capsules! )

Overall I still was quite happy with my capsule

I had plenty of outfits to wear, so that was good 🙂

I could definitely see a pattern as I was adding things in, and tossing some out...

The clothes that went into the capsule were playful, the items that left were more on the minimal side

Clothes that left the capsule


Why I tossed them out:

One denim jacket is enough and I never wore this one during the test run..

This style of shirt I loved to wear for years, but I was just not feeling them anymore, instead I added some more playful & feminine ones in


Clothes that are new to the capsule


Why I added them in:

This wrap over top I had for years and as I was searching for some more tops for my summer capsule, I found it at the back of my closet, wore it, and fell in love with it again…so I decided to add it in

The striped shirt is similar to the ones I tossed out, but because it has little bright flowers on it, I found it more appropriate and playful for summer

I found this white shirt in a second hand shop a few days ago, and I absolutely adore the romantic and feminine vibe of it! It´s just perfect for summer and I was lacking some nice tops in my capsule anyway

The denim skirt is another piece I had for quite a while, and because I had not enough breezy bottoms and love the look of it, in it went 🙂


You can see the rest of my summer capsule wardrobe here, it has 38 pieces in total now, a number I think is good to start with..


June starts tomorrow and with it the capsule wardrobe fun for summer! I´m really excited! And to celebrate the start of it, I´m gonna post a capsule wardrobe outfit ever Sunday during June… yay!  🙂 So come back on Sunday to see the first outfit, which is my favourite one ever…See you then

I wish you the best day ever!




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  1. Nice to read your update, very helpful! xo

  2. Patricia says:

    I love this idea of a capsule wardrobe 😀

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