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Accessories are great. And they are especially great when you only have a limited amount of clothes to wear, aka a capsule wardrobe. They can totally transform an outfit from boring to interesting with literally no effort! I used to be not huge into accessories, and I´m still not someone who layers loads of necklaces, but I truly enjoy giving my outfits a boost with a bright bag, a red bandana or my favourite statement skull ring. Accessories really help me stick to my capsule, and today I´m gonna share four of my favourite ones with you. Hopefully it makes you feel inspired to get creative with accessories and have even more fun with your capsule! 🙂


The Bandana:


Bandanas are such a versatile accessory to have! Above you can see three of my favourite ways to wear it, but there are so much more options as well. I love the pop of colour I can add with it to any outfit and I think the pattern is really pretty 🙂 A bandana is also great for travelling, because it doesn’t need much space in your suitcase!

The Classic Belt:


In the past I only wore belts for practical reasons, but then I realised how much it can change an outfit when you add a nice belt! I think it makes a simple jeans-and-a-tee-outfit much more polished…This belt from “American Apparel” has a really classic shape, but the colours make it stand out. I love the gold buckle and the fact that it is reversible, so you basically get two belts in one 🙂 you can flip over the buckle and show the red suede side, or the beige one, really clever idea, don´t you think so?

The Yellow Bag:


Colourful Bags are all the rage right now, and for a good reason! A bright bag instantly takes your outfit to a summery level! Mine is actually sewn by me, but there are many great bags out there at the moment….

Some Bling:


I love me some bling! I especially enjoy wearing quite chunky silver rings. My favourite on is the skull ring with ears from “The Great Frog London”. They make the most badass jewellery ever…


I normally mix some of the pieces mentioned above to make my outfits differ from day to day, and so far I´m not bored of my limited wardrobe at all. Cheers to that! Make sure to follow me along on the capsule journey on Instagram for even more sustainable wardrobe fun!


What is your opinion on accessories? Do you enjoy wearing some, or do you try to avoid them? Leave me a comment down below…

I wish you the best day ever!



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  1. Tara says:

    I tend to wear a lot of black and white clothes so love to add colour to my outfits through my accessories, yellow bags are one of my go to staples!

  2. Black white and stripe are the best canvas to add colors!

    Hint of Grey |

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