Capsule Wardrobe: All Items For Summer + Chat


Exciting times, lovely people! My Capsule Wardrobe for Summer is now complete! Today I show you all the pieces ( including the bottoms, which were the last missing category! ) , reveal some things that helped me creating my Capsule, and tell you the next step for my wardrobe journey. So let´s start with a list of all the pieces:











From left to right: White Jeans from “Topshop” here ( made with linen, a really sustainable fabric! ), Boyfriend Jeans from “G-star” (old ), Skinny Jeans from “Monki” (old & made from organic cotton ), Black Trousers from “H&M” (old )


Denim Skirt from “Kings Of Indigo” here ( made sustainable and fair ), Orange Shorts from “H&M” (old )




So there you have it! This my Capsule Wardrobe for Summer 🙂 It includes 37 pieces, a number I think is good to start with..not to much, and not a really small amount, that makes you feel restricted….If you want to know where the clothing items from, check out this posts for outerwear, tops shoes..




I found creating a colour palette really useful! By doing that you have guidance along the way, an insurance that all the items match colour wise and you are left with multiple outfit options from a few pieces…Here is my colour palette:


Don´t take the colour matching to serious, though. It should help you, but not every single item has to be part of your colour palette. When you add an item in a colour that is not part of your colour palette, it´s totally fine, just make sure it matches some colours included in it 🙂 Click here for some colour palette inspiration



At first I wanted to finish the Capsule as soon as possible, because I was so excited for the whole concept and getting started, but after trying to find the perfect white jeans for three weeks, I realised that it´s not possible! You have to take your time to make the right decisions! Nothing is worse than spending all your money on items you end up not liking that much, especially if they have to be part of a small and fully functional wardrobe…



Browsing some online shops really helped me finding pieces, or idea of pieces, that I wanted to add to my Capsule. You see all the trendy colours, cuts and details and can decide what you like and want to add to your wardrobe. I really fell for frill detailing and pink, and so I added a pink frill top into my Capsule 🙂



For me it was hard to to stop perfecting my Capsule! I always wanted to buy something new and make it better. But that made me quite unhappy! Instead I said myself ” Your wardrobe is good enough, you don´t need to add another piece”- and it worked wonders for me! I felt much more relaxed and happy and had a lot more time and space to do other things, than worrying about my wardrobe…



So after creating my Capsule Wardrobe for Summer, it´s now time to test drive it! And that´s the next step for me. I hope to be content with my Capsule, but the test drive is the last opportunity to change something, if I feel like it does not work out how I expected..Maybe I included to many leather jackets, or I miss a pair of shoes…that´s the time to test it and see…The final Capsule Wardrobe must be ready at the first of June, because the period of time for the Summer Capsule Wardrobe starts on that date…


That´s all for now! Of course I keep you updated on the progress of my test drive soon, so check back for that…I´m really excited for this step, it´s like finally starting the journey for real!

Tell me: What do you think is most likely gonna change during the test run? I feel like something might happen in the outerwear department, but we will see 😉

I wish you the best day ever!



Please note: Most of the things I own were purchased before I got into sustainable & fair fashion…but there is no better way to make them more sustainable, than wearing them on a regular basis, right? 🙂 New clothes are normally sustainable and fair, but sometimes I can not find the item I search for from a sustainable & fair brand..


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  1. Katherine says:

    Love the shoes, they’re all so cute!

  2. Ah I love capsule wardrobes! Yours is so organized, goals! xo

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