Plan Your Capsule Wardrobe In 5 Easy Steps

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It´s the end of November already and Autumn slowly comes to an end, and that means: It´s time to plan my Winter Capsule Wardrobe! And I am pretty excited for that! ( Don´t know what a Capsule Wardrobe is? Check out this post for all the info…) You guys know that I skipped the Autumn Capsule, so after this months without a limited amount of clothes, I so wanna get back into the whole thing! For me, planning is essential for the success or failure when it comes to having a Capsule Wardrobe, so today I wanna bring you along when I  put together the wardrobe that I am gonna wear trough all of the really cold months. Hopefully you like seeing my planning process and progress! So lets jump right in…


Part 1: Colour Palette

Colours for me are all about seasonal preference. When the weather is warm and sunny, I wear a totally different variety of colours than during autumn and winter. So when the weather changes, my colour palette has to be adjusted as well to fit the overall vibe of my Capsule. I usually start my planning process with defining a colour palette for the coming season, because it has such a big impact on the mix and match qualities of my Capsule Wardrobe. I try to do that not to early though, because that can cause me not to be in a winter mood yet and therefor choosing the wrong colours that I don´t feel anymore when the season arrived..capsule wardrobe how to


When I choose a colour palette for the any season, I first take a look at the clothes and accessories that are suitable for this season to see which colours I own and love wearing. That´s a really good foundation to start with. Next, I think about if there are any colours I would love to add, and if so which ones they are. For me it was bright red and kaki green this time, both colours that I wasn’t really into last winter and therefor don´t have in my wardrobe. I make sure to check that the new shades fit with some other colours I already chosen and then put all the colours together in a my palette. That is part 1 finished. 🙂capsule wardrobe how to


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The colours on the right side in the small rectangles are just accent shades. I chose bright red, navy blue, kaki green and dusty pink. They add a pop of colour into my outfits, but are only a small part of my wardrobe. The colours on the bottom left side are the neutrals shades that are a good foundation for any look. I gone for denim blue and black. The ones on the top left side are my main colours. The ones I own the most and that I love to wear to express my style and colour preferences. I decided on light grey, dark grey and cream. capsule wardrobe how to


Part 2: Cuts and Fabrics

Let´s start with fabrics. They are a totally seasonal ingredient and need adjusting! In summer I go for fabrics that not make me sweat, like linen, but obviously in Winter you need fabrics that are going to keep you really warm. I always make sure to keep that in mind and note down my favourite, season appropriate fabrics. For Winter I like merino wool, sheep wool or thick cotton.  I also love velvet when it comes to special occasions! That way I prevent buying things that are nice, but just not going to keep me warm enough ( there is nothing more uncomfortable and annoying than freezing your butt off, right?! 😉 )


Next is the cut. A tricky one. I again start with looking at the seasonal clothing items I already own and take some notes on what I like in the fit department. For example crew neck jumpers with an oversized cut and jeans with a straight leg. The next step takes me a while usually. I search for some inspiration! Pinterest, fashion magazines, blogs or just watching people on the street. You can get inspired by so many different things! This way I recently discovered slim fitting turtleneck jumpers for my wardrobe. They are so chic, timeless and versatile. Great for layering and cosy when you choose the right fabric. I also came across oversized winter parkas. They are quite cool and chic in a weird way and I desperately need a seriously warm coat. I write down my discoveries as well as the cuts I already own and love.


Based on the colour palette, fabric – and cut guide you just created, select pieces from your wardrobe that are suitable for this season and that you want to have in the Capsule. About 30 – 35 items. Make sure to write those down. That is the most part of your Capsule already done!


Part 3: Putting it all together

So I finished my colour palette, made a list about season appropriate fabrics, the cuts that I like, and selected the clothing items from my wardrobe that I want to have in this Capsule. Now it´s time to put it all together in order to create a shopping list. I have a look at all the things I noted down and then start to figure out the pieces I am still missing. For example: I added bright red to my colour palette, but don´t own anything in this colour. I also wrote down that I like oversized crew neck jumpers and sheep wool as a winter fabric. So on my shopping list I write: Bright red oversized crew neck jumper made from sheep wool. I also want some clothing item in kaki green and still need a cosy cardigan for winter. That´s why I add kaki oversized wool cardigan to my list. You get it, I think…Once that´s all done, it´s time for some shopping! capsule wardrobe how to


Part 4: Shopping

This is the part I am currently at right now. That list I created earlier I used as a guidance and went shopping, mostly online. I already found an awesome cream coloured, merino wool, slim fitting turtleneck jumper and maybe an oversized, black winter parka ( still wait for the package to arrive so I can try it on ). I also recently bought a really cute oversized kaki green wool cardigan, but I still need to find a nice bright red jumper ( they are usually burgundy, which I don´t like at all! ). At the end I aim for about 40 pieces in total. I wrote a whole blogpost about shopping mindfully, so check that out if you want to read more about that topic.capsule wardrobe how to


Part 5: Testing


Once I am done with shopping, my Capsule Wardrobe is complete and it now time to test it for 1-2 Weeks, to see if there is anything that is just not working or missing. If so, that´s the last opportunity for me to change it…capsule wardrobe how to




Hopefully this blogpost helps you to plan your own Capsule Wardrobe! What is the hardest part for you in the planning process? For me it´s definitely the cuts! See you on Sunday with a new post at 8pm CET 🙂


I wish you the best day ever!



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  1. Love this post, how you described step by step what you’ve done!
    This can be a perfect guide! 🙂


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