Capsule Wardrobe: Outerwear for Summer


Today starts the real capsule wardrobe fun! I´m gonna show you the five jackets that I include in my capsule for summer and I ´m wearing for spring right now.  First I thought about showing you my whole capsule in one blogpost, but I wanted to talk through every category properly and it would end up way too long…. So I decided to split things up. Starting with the outerwear today, I´m gonna do one category after the other ( shoes, bottoms, tops etc…) so that I´m done showing you everything until summer starts, and with it, the new capsule wardrobe. Another reason for splitting is that I want to have the time to prepare my capsule carefully and some parts are not finished yet. By splitting, I can already show you this category now, instead of you having to wait another few weeks until I´m done with all of them …

Before showing you the jackets, here are the questions I asked myself to pick the right outerwear for my capsule:

  • Is this jacket comfortable? ( nothing worse than uncomfortable clothes, am I right?! )
  • Is it versatile? ( in terms of colour, style and fabric… )
  • Is it weather appropriate? ( freezing? sweating?- both not nice at all!…)
  • Does it suit my style?
  • Do I like to wear it?

The Denim Jacket #1


This denim jacket is the most recent purchase of all the jackets in my capsule, I got it about two months ago at “Forever 21”. It had a print on the back that I did not really like, so I sew some denim fabric on top of it and now I LOVE to wear it! It´s really comfy and versatile + I adore the colour 🙂 I think this is a good example that it´s not always necessary to buy a new piece, instead try to make the one you already have work for you…

The Denim Jacket #2


Another denim jacket! This one is actually from “H&M” and I got it ages ago. I know it´s kind of crazy to include two denim jackets in my capsule, but because they are quite different, I wanted to integrate them both. This one has more of a classic and understated vibe. I like that it has no collar and again it´s really easy to wear with a lot of different items 🙂

The Leather Jacket #1


I LOVE leather jackets!!! So much in fact, that I include all three I own in my capsule for summer! Since I bought this black one about a year ago at “Marco Polo”, I have worn it a ton. The leather is buttery soft and it ages in a beautiful way, giving the jacket a worn in look, which I really really like! I also think it´s amazing that the hardware is dark and not shiny silver….

The Leather Jacket #2


Another leather number! This time in beige from “Mango”. The leather quality is not that good, but I really love the colour, because it can easily brighten up an otherwise to dark outfit…

The Leather Jacket #3


And last this gorgeous suede biker jacket from “Pop Copenhagen”. This one has such a unique colour and that´s why I like it so much. I tend to wear not much colour ( a fact that I try to change, though ), and with this jacket I can add some in 🙂

Do you like the outerwear I chose for my capsule? Which jackets would you choose for yours?

I wish you the best day ever!





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