Capsule Wardrobe: The Mini One

So as I mentioned in this post, I had some trouble building my Capsule Wardrobe for Autumn. I was trying to decide on pieces, but couldn’t  because I felt I didn´t really know what I wanted. It was frustrating, let me tell you! But then I thought maybe using a different technique might help me to get started, and I was right! Instead of just randomly starting to build my Capsule I went back to the core of my style. That means I went to my closet, looked at all my clothes, and decided on a few pieces that I love to wear and that represent my style well. Then I used this clothes to build kind of a Mini Capsule as a starting point. And it worked wonders! It gave me a structure again, a visual representation and foundation of my style, which I can now build the rest of my Capsule on. And because this was so helpful for me, I am gonna share my Mini Capsule with you today and give you some tips to build your own. Let´s start!

My Mini Autumn Capsule


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As you can see above, it´s  a fully functional small wardrobe with tops, bottoms, outerwear and even accessories. Perfect to guide you through the building process of your big capsule!


How To Build Your Own

The weather 

That´s maybe obvious, but make sure you include pieces that are appropriate for the weather. Nothing is worse that freezing your but off or being way to hot and sweaty in what you wear!


Right colours, good mood

Colours are so, so important! The right colours can lift your mood, the wrong ones can bring it down. Take a few minutes to really thing about which colours you like to wear the most. It makes it easier to decide for items as well!


Include your faves

If you wear an item, or cut over and over again, then it happens for a reason! You live in oversized sweaters? Include one! You love straight leg jeans? Put that in as well!


Don´t forget variety

Yes it can be nice to have an outfit uniform for most days, e.g. a chunky knit and some straight leg jeans, but make sure to also include some other options you like as well, otherwise it might get boring…


The numbers game

Make sure to include enough items for each category. I found 3 tops, 3 bottoms, 2 pair of shoes, 2 jackets, and 2 accessories the right way for me. But maybe you need different numbers for your categories.


The lifestyle question

That´s also essential to think about. Do you need mainly casual clothes because you work from home, or do you need some smarter options for your job? Where do you spent most of your time and what clothes do you need for that environment?



That´s it for today, hopefully you find the Mini Capsule as useful as I did! I am nearly done with my big Autumn Capsule so that´s coming to the blog really soon! See you on Sunday at 8pm CET with a new outfit blogpost!


I wish you the best day ever!





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