Recap: Summer Capsule 2017 – Three Months Done

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Wow! Summer is officially over and so is my first ever Capsule Wardrobe! I actually can´t believe I was able to do this, no shopping for three months maybe isn´t a big deal for some, but for me it sure was! It was a really great experience and now I am looking forward to start my Autumn Capsule…But before we start with the new season of falling leaves, Halloween and lots of layers, let´s look back on the summer months and have a chat about what I learned…Ready?!



The white t-shirt ( “Weekday” ). Such a good basic, I´ve worn it 4 times as a base for outfits on the blog this summer because it´s so versatile!

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The midi-length denim skirt! I really loved it when I bought it, but it was so uncomfortable ( maybe it was too small? ) to wear and that´s the worst, am I right?!

summer capsule all outfits, summer capsule wardrobe, capsule wardrobe blogger




summer capsule all outfits, summer capsule wardrobe, capsule wardrobe blogger

3 Months, 12 outfits…wow to pick my ultimate fave is hard! I think I go with the double denim one. I just really felt like myself wearing it and it looks so cool! What is your favourite one?



  1. 1. Getting dressed is so much easier and less stressful when you limit your options
  2. 2. Nobody cares if you wear the same things all the time
  3. 3. Other things are much more fulfilling then shopping ( check out this post if you wanna know more about that topic )
  4. 4. It really helps defining your style. Just don´t buying new clothes and really thinking about what I want was such an eye opener!
  5. 5. Man, you can save a lot of money!
  6. 6. You have more time and energy for friends, family or hobbies
  7. 7. No capsule is perfect and it´s ok to miss some items / options
  8. 8. Resisting the shopping temptation gets easier with time
  9. 9. Accessories are a life saver
  10. 10. Fashion should be fun, don´t take it seriously


September starts this Friday and my Autumn Capsule Wardrobe is nearly done…On Sunday I am gonna share the first outfit from it with you, so make sure to check that out 🙂

What was summer like for you? Did you try out the Capsule Wardrobe as well?


I wish you the best day ever!



You can check out my 1 month and 2 months summary of the Capsule experiment here and here  🙂



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2 responses to “Recap: Summer Capsule 2017 – Three Months Done”

  1. Congrats on not buying anything for three months, teach me how to do it, haha! Did a great job with all those outfits, the all white one with the black duster on top was probably my favorite, but the double denim one is also a winner. Wishing you a great day. xx


    • Nice says:

      Yeah to resist the shopping temptation was sure hard sometimes! 🙂 I actually don´t know myself how I did it, haha…Really glad to hear you enjoyed all the outfits, Andreea! I wish you a great week!

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