Capsule Wardrobe: Two Months Done!


Looking back, this two months have flown by so quickly! I do have mixed feelings about only one month of summer left. On the one hand, it means I can shop for new items for my autumn capsule wardrobe very soon, which is really exciting, but on the other hand there is also the fact that summer is going to be over pretty soon and that´s sad, because I adore summer, the warm weather and the longer days. Today it´s time to look back on July and have chat about how things went with my capsule this month, so let´s start with the fun 🙂

My Most Worn Item

Puhhh that´s actually a though decision to make this time, because I experimented a lot with most clothes this month! But I wore this plain white t-shirt a ton, so I go with this one! It´s not the most exciting piece on it´s own, but it´s the perfect base for any outfit! So, so versatile and a must have in my closet for sure… Plus the fabric is super light and airy and drapes beautifully 🙂 See how I style it here and here


My Least Worn Item

My striped button up shirt! I feel like it´s just a bit to dressy for everyday wear…What do you think?


My Favourite Outfit

Another though decision…I think I like the double denim one the most! 🙂 ( I also LOVE the wedding guest outfit, but it´s not a capsule wardrobe one, so can´t choose it )

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Pro: It Got Easier

In June, the struggle of not to shop was real, this month it feels like i adapted to the situation, because it got a lot easier to resist the temptation! In fact there wasn’t much temptation to resist, because I stayed away from virtual window shopping 😀 Even the money I got for my birthday was well spent on some new glasses and not wasted on clothes I don´t need. It´s nice to see that I can enjoy my life without buying new clothes every week, I even enjoy it more! And I am proud of how far I´ve come…

Con: Style Change

Since starting my capsule, my style changed quite a bit. Part because in summer it always gets more playful and part of me changing as a person through this wardrobe challenge. And as someone who likes to express trough the clothes I am wearing, it was hard to sometimes not be able to do exactly that. But I feel like my style evolved BECAUSE I stopped shopping for a while and was able to really sort out what I want style wise. And that´s so interesting! So I am thankful for taking some time to think about what I want before I buy something new, it´s going to prevent bad buys! So for now I am enjoying what I have and also look forward to add some new pieces in this autumn that I truly love 🙂


One more month to go! And it´s gonna be a lot of fun for sure 🙂 What was your favourite outfit on the blog this month? Leave me a comment….

I wish you the best day ever!



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2 responses to “Capsule Wardrobe: Two Months Done!”

  1. Congrats on the two months and resisting temptations, hehe, I have been very bad this summer and got me quite a few new pieces, but I am feeling very tempted by the capsule or rather minimal wardrobe challenge, might give it a go at some point. I loved the double denim as well 😉

    Have a lovely week, Shanice!

    Saida | She talks Glam

    • Nice says:

      Thank you, Saida! It´s been a wild ride, but a good one 😉 Hope you are giving the capsule wardrobe a go in the future, it´s an eye opener, for sure! I wish you a great week 🙂

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