Sustainable Style: Variety & Minimalism – A Conflict?

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I always been a fan of having a minimal closet. For me it was important to have few, but versatile pieces instead of a big wardrobe. I enjoyed the limited options a Capsule Wardrobe gave me, because I felt like it forced me to be more creative with my clothes and really appreciate what I have. Variety came from using the same clothes and combining them in new ways frequently. That was all I needed. But recently that seems not to be enough anymore and as it got harder and harder to be excited about the clothes I have, the same question got louder and louder in my head: Is variety and minimalism a conflict?


Not easy to answer, right? But in my opinion it´s not a conflict. And here is why:

Variety is more than just the number of clothes you own

Yes fewer clothes mean you are wearing those more frequently, which one could argue leads to less variety. But variety is not just about the number of pieces you own, but how you combine them to outfits. Let´s take a white turtleneck sweater for example, you can wear this piece in so many different ways, the possibilities are endless, even with a Capsule Wardrobe. So maybe the problem is not fewer clothes, but less creativity and time spent on combining them.

Having the wrong clothes is the real problem

I think that´s an issue a lot of us have to some extend, me included. Our wardrobes are stuffed with pieces that we just not love to wear. Which of course takes the fun out of getting dressed. It is just not enjoyable to wear pieces you don´t feel good in, it´s as easy as that. So what helps? A good clear out! Get rid of the pieces you don´t enjoy wearing and then replace them with a few ones you do ( maybe you are lacking some good basics? Or statement pieces to jazz things up? )…More variety, I promise!

Difference is the key

This is such an important one! Choose items that differ. Means: If you only include three blouses into your Capsule, make sure they are different from each other. Choose one without a collar and some frills, one with an all over pattern, and a classic white one, for example. Same applies for any other area in your wardrobe, shoes, bottoms, jackets…..That doesn’t mean you have more options, but more variety indeed!


Even though I don´t think of minimalism and variety as a conflict, it can be one for sure. Everyone has their own perception of what a minimal closet should be like. And maybe the number of clothes you chosen is not right for you. So if you considered all issues I talked about above but still feel like there is not enough variety, then adjust the number. Maybe 37 is not enough for the amount of variety you want, but 50 would be…. There is nothing wrong about that!


What do you think about this topic? Are you struggling to combine variety and minimalism? Leave me a comment down below…


I wish you the best day ever!



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