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I know you guys are probably waiting impatiently for my Autumn Capsule Wardrobe here on the blog and I tried really hard to finish it the last two months, but the thing is: It just did not work! There were times when I felt like I was on the right path, but then it turned out to be the wrong in the end. And thinking about why it was so hard for me to finish my Autumn Capsule, I think I managed to extract the most important reasons, which I wanna share with you today. I am also gonna talk about what´s next on my Capsule Wardrobe agenda, so if you wanna know when to expect some new CW goodness here on the blog, make sure to read till the end 🙂


I don´t like to dress for the colder months

I am a true summer lover. I adore everything about it, the endless hours of sunshine, the colourful and fun fashion and the delicious food ( salads, yum! ), but when it comes to the colder months, there is not much I enjoy, except Halloween and Christmas. And I especially don´t like to dress for the dropping temperatures. Partly it´s kind of a rebellious act I guess, because I loathe the cold weather, partly it´s because I find it much harder to dress for that time of the year. When it comes to dressing for autumn and winter it´s always the struggle of dressing nice AND being warm and cosy. And let´s be honest a lot of the beautiful clothes out there, don´t keep you that warm actually, and clothes that keep you really warm often look like you wanna go hiking in the woods…

My style is changing so much at the moment

I used to have a really “young” and casual style which consisted of wearing sneakers and sweatshirts 90% of the time and I loved it for years, but recently I got more and more into “grown up” dressing. Turtlenecks, structured leather bags and a polished, classic outfit vibe with vintage elements, are the things I feel drawn to at the moment. But I am still figuring out the exact direction, and for that I need some time…


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I am still adjusting to my new job

Yes I already have that job for three months now, but I am still learning something new on a regular basis, and still feel the need to adjust to my new environment. That cost me a lot of energy, which was missing in some other places, like building my new Capsule…

I enjoyed that extra money

The first time in my life I am earning some decent amount of money, so I wanted to enjoy that. I always was someone who attached importance to good quality, well made items, and now I was able to afford those. And yes I loved spending some of my own money, I felt proud to be able to do that. It helped me gain some new confidence and feel more independent…So thinking about not spending any money on clothes, because of the Capsule Wardrobe, felt kind of sad at that point, but now I feel ready for some healthy limitation! 🙂

The next steps

Because it is November already, I think it doesn’t make any sense to focus on the Autumn Capsule here on the blog. Nearly one month is a much to short amount of time to do that. So instead I am working on my Winter Capsule already and the finished one is going to hit the blog in December! This is the best solution in my opinion, although I find it annoying to skip the Autumn one…


Do you struggle with your CW at the moment? Leave me a comment down below! See you on Sunday at 8:00 pm CET with a new outfit post!


I wish you the best day ever!



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