Colour Of The Month February: Love Red


Obviously the colour of the month for February has to be red! Valentine´s Day with hearts everywhere and an overload of roses …I´m actually not a big fan of that day, but I love the colour red! A red pop of colour, like a bandana, lipstick or nail polish can make any outfit chic with no big effort. Give it a try…. Here are some suggestions on pairing that amazing colour:

Storm Grey: A combination that is totally awesome!                               storm_grey

Light Jeans Blue: Always perfect!                                                             light_jeans_blue

Black: Do I even have to explain this? 😉 Don´t think so…                     black

Cream White: That combo can look really polished                                cream


I made a whole blogpost about red details, you can check it out here! What is you favourite bright colour to add to an outfit?

I wish you the best day ever!




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