Capsule Wardrobe: 5 Trend Based Colour Palettes For Spring


Here are five different palettes to inspire you this spring. I based them on the current spring fashion trends, hope you like this concept and the palettes as much as I do!

rock-romance-colour-paletteThe Rock Romance Palette

A mix between romantic and rock chick vibes…I´m thinking of tulle dresses, studs, band tees and rose embroidery paired with Doc Martens…such a cool palette. Still fresh and suitable for spring because of the pink, put really badass as well!


The 80´s Vibe Palette

I think the 80´s have quite a cool spring appropriate vibe! Really sporty and with bright colours. You can pair any colour, the less they fit, the better it is 😉 amazing with vintage inspired sneakers, some geeky glasses and crazy curls…


The Camouflage Palette

The camouflage print is super on trend right now and the colours of it build the base for this palette. Paired with some pastels they make the perfect spring palette…a camouflage parka goes with a lot of different outfits, I really want one for spring!


The Sweet Girl Palette

The accent shades are the most girly ones ever, SO cute, don´t you think so? For the neutral colours I went for some warmer ones to fit the soft vibe…when I see this palette I immediately think of cute dresses and delicate lace details…


The Metallic Sporty Palette

So metallic shades are not possible to create properly on screen, but just imagine the colours 7-9 to be metallic ones. Pretty awesome! This is a huge trend at the moment and a great way to add a futuristic vibe into an outfit. A metallic bag or shoes are great, but you can add the metallic trend quite subtle by going for a metallic nail polish. I love to wear some bling on my nails!


Which palette is your favourite? I think the metallic sporty one is so much fun! Wanna make your own colour palette? Just pick some colours you like the most and start creating! Need more guidance? Check out this post, it includes a detailed plan for creating your personal palette….


I wish you the best day ever!




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8 responses to “Capsule Wardrobe: 5 Trend Based Colour Palettes For Spring”

  1. Katherine says:

    Light gray is a staple for me all year round too!

  2. I love white and grey….always!

  3. Kaja says:

    Grey is always a good choice! I love kale or military green too, but grey is my favorite color so far!


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