Colour Palette: The Winter Colour Palette

Once I found my colour palette, dressing got SO much easier for me! A lot of things match and that´s very handy when picking an outfit. I also believe that the right colours can lift your mood and make you feel good. I´m quite picky when it comes to colours. They have to be the exact shade I wanted, or I end up not buying the piece. A bit strict you think? Maybe. But in the past I did not trusted my gut so much when it came to shopping for clothes or interior and picking the right colours, resulting in pieces that I not really enjoyed wearing or looking at. And thats a waste of money and resources. It took me some time to figure out the colours you see below, but I`m now really happy with the result:





Here are some tips on how to find personal colour palette. Your wardrobe does not have to be just the colours you choose for your palette, but it´s good to have some guidance:

  • Go have a look at your closet: What items do you wear over and over again? Which colour do this items have?  Or try it the opposite way: look at the clothes and think about which of the colours you don´t like.
  • At the end it should result in the same thing: being left with clothes that have colours you enjoy
  • Write down the colours you found liking, and than try to think of colours you would like to pair them with.
  • If you have a hard time coming up with new colours to add, check out pinterest or blogs for inspiration.
  • Don´t think you need new colours to add? That´s fine as well!
  • make sure your colours match in a way. It´s always good to have some neutral colours that fit with most of your accent shades
  • take your notes with you when you go shopping for new things and try to buy only items in colours you like
  • after some time do the whole process, or the parts you think need an update, again.
  • good things need time, don’t try to force it or be to hard on yourself. I think I needed to do some of this points at least three times until I really liked the result!
  • It is a process, always evolving and changing, that´s just normal!

So here I have some colour palettes for you. Maybe you see some shades you really like and want to incorporate into your wardrobe? Have a look!



First the Classic Autumnal Palette, perfect for all the autumn colour lovers!





Next stop the Muted Pastel Palette, perfect for everyone who loves light shades in autumn and winter!





The Deep Berry Palette, another one which is quite classic autumnal.





Last the Neutral Colour Palette, suitable for people who prefer just neutrals ( and wear jeans=blue )





Please be aware that these are just some suggestions! Pick some colours you love and make your own palette, or add totally different ones if you don´t find the ones you love here. I really hope this post helps you finding the colours you want to wear this autumn and winter! Let me know in the comments!

I wish you the best day ever!





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