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Hello friends! Wow it´s been quite a while since I did a food-related post here on the blog. But if you follow me on Instagram, where I basically spam my Stories with my meals all the time, you already know that I absolutely loooove food and cooking. Some days I cook by just using my imagination, throwing in the ingredients, and hoping the result tastes good ( which thankfully is the case most times ), on other days I use recipes to cook tasty meals.  My favourite vegan cookbooks are usually where I turn to when I need reliable recipes, trusty meals that I know are going to taste good because I made them multiple times before. These books never fail to make me feel excited and happy about cooking and today I wanna show them to you, with some specific recommendations of which meals I love the most in each of them. Be prepared to feel hungry after reading 😉


Vegan For Startes By Attila Hildmann

This was actually the first vegan cookbook I ever bought. I wasn’t even fully vegan back then, but this book sure was a reason for why I became a full time vegan. It really does it´s name justice. This is such a good book for a dipping your toe into vegan cooking. There are a lot of veganized classics in there like scrambled eggs or Lasagna, plus all recipes are really easy to make and delicious. I especially love the Attila´s Spaghetti  Tofubolonese. This pasta-sauce is absolutely delicious! Even my parents, who both eat meat, prefer this sauce over one with actual meat in it… ( you can buy it here, it´s only available in German though… )

Deliciously Ella Every Day By Ella Woodward

A really great book for healthy, plant based and easy every day recipes! I would be surprised if you didn’t heard of Ella Woodward before, she is really famous for here delicious vegan cookbooks and she also has a blog with lots of amazing recipes. From this book I crave the Quinoa Nori Rolls on a regular basis. They are basically vegan sushi with avocado cream, quinoa, and some veggies and they are soooo good! This easy recipe is on her blog as well, you can check it out here ( and you can buy the book here )

Vegan For Fun By Attila Hildmann

This book is really good for all kind of occasions and cravings. It has healthy salads, it has yummy soul food, and it also has some amazing sweet treats on offer. I ADORE the Crispy Tofu Nuggets. They taste so meat-like it´s uncanny, they are easy to make and the cornflakes crust takes them to a whole new level. ( Get this book here )


What are your favourite vegan cookbooks? Leave me a comment down below 🙂 Wanna read some more? Then check out this outfit post for some vegan style inspiration, plus a little chat about cyber bullying….


I wish you the best day ever!



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