Food: My Everyday Vegan Essentials


Yes trying out new recipes is a lot of fun, but I am the type of person who sticks to something, when I really like it. No matter if it´s food, my foundation or a t-shirt 😉 Today I want to show you my everyday food essentials I never get tired of. These are things I try to have at home and ready to eat all day every day. Being vegan makes it even more important to me to be prepared and always have some delicious options available…



I just love them for their taste and variability! You can do so many different amazing things with oats, it´s just great! I especially love them made to porridge with some mango and coconut ( recipe here ), baked to some cookies, or rolled into energy balls ( recipe here ). But there are so much more tasty recipes to choose from! Another great thing about oats is that they are really affordable and so, so healthy 🙂


This stuff is like magic! Beyond tasty, super versatile and healthy, almond butter has to be available in my kitchen all the time. It´s delicious on bread, the perfect substitute for cheese and a great ingredient for vegan ice cream ( recipe here ) Yum!


Another really versatile food product! I love to make a vegan bolognese with tofu or have it deeply fried with a cornflakes crust ( it tastes just like nuggets! ). Tofu actually is really tasty when you cook it the right way 🙂



Pasta yum, yum! 😉 So good! There are a lot of pasta available without eggs, so it´s an easy and quick vegan meal option with some tomato sauce, as an ingredient of a vegetable soup or a pasta salad….


Fresh fruit is always a staple for me. As a quick summer snack or a delicious ingredient of your muesli, it just makes any sweet recipe so tasty and refreshing! My favourite fruits are mango, strawberries and raspberries. Which one do you like the most?


Whenever I make something that includes cow milk, I go for a vegan substitute instead and my favourite one is oat milk. It tastes amazing in muffins, pancakes or anything you can imagine really!


What are your everyday food essentials? Leave me a comment down below…


I wish you the best day ever!



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