Food: The Perfect Iron Pan


I always had a thing for traditional, good quality things, so when I received this little iron pan as a gift I was quite excited! These pans are actually used by professional cooks and lovers of delicious food for a really long time, because of their excellent performance. So what is so special about this pan? Well, a lot:

  • it´s non- sticky without a coating ( no traces of coating in your food! )
  • the performance gets better and better with time…
  • it´s oven-proof because it doesn´t have any plastic bits
  • it lasts you a lifetime! ( props to that amazing quality! )
  • it can be heated up like crazy, perfect for frying anything…
  • it´s so much fun to use, because you really see and feel the quality while cooking
  • it seals the food on the surface, making it crunchy on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside, yum!
  • bonus: it looks really cute! 😉 and it´s made in France ( I mean they understand all things food, right? )

The little one I have is PERFECT for frying an egg or little pancakes! If you want one for yourself, this is the brand I use…


iron-pan LOOK at these pancakes!!! Delicious….

An iron pan is definitely worth an investment if you are a food lover like me…Did you ever use one? I hope with this post I made you a bit curious…

I wish you the best day ever!



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