Sustainable Style: Shopping Mindfully

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Mindful Shopping – easier said than done, right?! If you feel like you shop way too much, then this guide is for you. Learn to resist the temptation & only buy what you really want and need…All the tips listed are the result of years of making all the shopping mistakes I could possibly do & learning from my mistakes. Today I am quite happy with my shopping behaviour so I thought I would share what helped me best. Hopefully you find the tips useful!




It´s so much easier to shop only for items your really want and need if you make a list before and take it with you while shopping. It really helps to stay focused. A mood board can be a great help to visualise your ideas as well. Think about colours, cuts, patterns, trends, even hairstyles or anything style related you want to include really, and make a nice collage….



That´s honestly the best thing you can do to prevent bad buys! Take your time to really think about buying an item, even if that means not buying it now, but going back on another day. It can be laborious , but it´s worth it, trust me!



Never ever buy an item without trying it on first, even if its something with a hundred buttons or some really narrow neckline that´s going to mess up your hair, just do it!



Don´t try to justify purchasing an item when deep inside you know you don´t really need or like it…. Simple advice, but very effective 😉



Small details make all the difference, so really pay close attention to those! Do you like the shape of the collar, the size of the pockets, the colour of the buttons….When the answer is no, don´t buy the item, the wrong details are going to annoy you in the long run!



That is so important! Make sure to plan some outfits in your mind to see if the item works with your wardrobe…Same with occasions, try to come up with a few where you could wear it.


You are good at mindful shopping as well? Then share your tips in the comment section 🙂


I wish you the best day ever!



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  1. I think these are all really good tips Shanice, I am totally trying to think of different outfits/occasions to wear an item of clothing before I buy any. I loved the point about the small details, because it’s sooo true. You think, I like this coat except for the pockets. Bam, that’s a coat that will probably end up buried at the end of your wardrobe in no time! Happy Sunday and week ahead, lovely

    Saida | She talks Glam

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