Sustainable & Fair Fashion: Introducing The No Leather Challenge

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Let´s talk about leather consumerism! Leather is well established in the fashion industry. Designer bags, shoes & accessories. All are usually made out of leather. It symbolises good quality, durability and luxury. It´s a status symbol, just like an expensive car or a big house. In reality it´s a skin from an animal, that is now dead. They are killed to make us look “beautiful” and “wealthy”. Kind of absurd, don´t you think so?!


I own a lot of leather goods myself. Leather jackets, boots, bags, belts and the list goes on and on. ( I bought them before I educated myself about that topic ) And I am sure you have some leather pieces in your wardrobe as well. It´s easy to not make a connection between a beautiful crafted leather handbag and the animal it once was. We forget that it was a living and breathing being with just as much sensation of pain as me and you.


Of course not wearing the leather items we own, won´t bring those killed animals back to life, but to relinquish leather for some time is going to show how deeply rooted leather is in our everyday outfits and how much leather we all wear and use day to day. And that´s going to lead to more awareness regarding that topic and, hopefully, to mindful decisions when it comes to purchasing a leather item. That´s why I want to start the “No Leather Challenge” here on the blog & on social media. 7 days, 7 outfits, no leather items….

The Only Rule

No leather in any outfit for one week! That means take one week, wear 7 outfits as you would do any other week, but don´t include any leather pieces, e.g. shoes, bags, jackets, accessories… That´s it!


Good Reasons To Join Me


You can raise some awareness for the animals that have to suffer for our heavy leather consumerism. They can´t speak, but you can lend them your voice and make a difference!


It´s gonna make you feel good not to wear something some other being had to suffer for, I promise!



No leather Items You Probably Own Already


Canvas Sneakers ( Chucks, Vans… )




Mesh or Faux Leather Sneakers ( Nike, New Balance…)


Canvas Tote Bag


Backpack ( e.g. a Kanken from Fjällräven )


How To Take Part


You wanna do the No Leather Challenge” with me? That´s great! Here´s how it works:

Start thinking about the pieces you can / can´t wear soon. You can even write a list. It´s gonna make the challenge easier for sure!


When it´s gonna take place: First week of April,Monday the 2. of April till Sunday the 8th!


Share, share, share! Spread the message and show your outfits on social media to raise some awareness, using the hashtag #tccnoleatherchallenge


Make sure to follow me on Instagram, to see all of my no leather outfits & thought about the challenge!


Of course I am gonna write a blogpost about my experience at the end of the challenge. I am pretty excited to see your outfits and also taking part in the challenge myself! Let´s do this!

Are you gonna take part in the “No Leather Challenge”? It would mean a lot to me and the animals 🙂


I wish you the best day ever!



You wanna read more about the issues of the leather industry? Check out the Peta website! Or check out my sustainable haul with the most stunning vegan leather sneakers!



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