On My Mind: A Hat For Everyone

Last Winter I owned one hat, I wasn´t into them at all. Well I can tell you that changed quite a bit!I´m really digging them right now. There are SO many options to choose from! Wether you search for something classic or a fancy one, there is a hat for everyone! ( See what I did there 😉 ). A nice hat can transform any outfit from kind of plain to really stylish, plus they keep your had warm in this freezing cold weather. Today I want to show you some of my favourite hats. So here we go!

First is this wool baseball cap. It´s the newest hat of the three I want to show you today. I got it at H&M in the sale for 3€, what a good deal! I LOVE the pom pom detail and the sporty vibe. The cap looks awesome with sneakers and a bomber jacket for sure!

Next stop: the classic bubble hat. I have this for quite a while and I don´t think it will go out of style ever. It´s a classic and looks really cute with doc martens and an oversized knit sweater.

Last: the fedora hat. This one gives any outfit a more classic and sophisticated touch. I love to wear it with cowboy inspired boots and a nice white blouse. These combo leans a bit more towards boho and I love that!

Which of the three is your favourite? Do you like to wear hats? Let me know in the comments!

I wish you the best day ever!



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