Sustainable Style: Style and Confidence

Most of us have things in their wardrobes they truly love, but don´t wear. Maybe you think you can´t pull that piece off, or  that people will stare at you. With that kind of thoughts you limit yourself. You don´t wear the things you want to and life is way to short for that!

I struggle with that issue, but I try not to listen to these thoughts when they come up. People will stare? Honestly who cares! It´s your body and you can wear whatever you want. Some people might not like what your wear? It´s not your problem! You can´t pull that piece off? You can, rock those clothes!

Gaining confidence is about pushing the boundaries. Taking little baby steps is totally fine, but do them. You don´t feel confident wearing that piece a whole day to work/school? That is ok! Then just wear it at home first or to a quick stop at the supermarket. Then go a step further, whatever that means for you.

Take your time, do it at your own pace, but most important, don´t shy away from the first few times of wear! Don´t wait until you aren´t afraid anymore before you wear that piece, because maybe that´s never going to happen. You have to wear it anyway! Go out with that piece and wear it with pride and I promise confidence will come.

Another important point: comfort leads to confidence. If you feel comfortable in what you are wearing, it will automatically give you more confidence. That´s a good indicator for you: Do you feel comfortable in that piece and want to wear it but feel a bit afraid? – push the boundaries! Don´t feel comfortable wearing that piece? (e.g. it´s to short, itchy or you don´t like the cut ) – say goodbye to the item!

Tell me in the comments, what makes you feel confident in what you are wearing? Do you agree with the points I mentioned? I always wanted a leopard faux fur coat, but the idea of wearing it in public freaked me out. Last week I finally had the courage to purchase a gorgeous one at asos. This is a piece where I definitely need to push my own boundaries, but I´m sure it will be worth it!

I wish you the best day ever!




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