Outfit: Belt Bag & Self-made Outfit

Hi there! Hope you are enjoying summer ;)… So it´s no secret that I love my Baggu Circle Purse ( I even wrote a review about it which you can check out here ) and I´ve been wearing it endless times already, but always as a crossbody bag. For this outfit I turned it into a belt bag, just tying it loosely around my waist, and I am pretty obsessed with how good that looks! Chances are high you gonna see me wear it like this for the rest of summer… Another special thing about this vegan outfit: I sew the top as well as the trousers and, not gonna lie, I am really proud of the result 🙂

Colour Chat: Red has the star role in this look. The other colours are just supporting it with their neutral vibes… belt bag


Red Striped T-shirt*-Sewn by me

Black Trousers*-Sewn by me

Silver Sneakers*-Veja

Sunnies-Ray Ban Clubmaster

Round Belt Bag*-Baggu Canvas Circle Purse

All items marked with a * are made sustainable and / or fair

This outfit also marks the start of the “No Leather Challenge”, taking place 12.8. -18.8. ( read more about it here ) ! Make sure to follow me on Instagram to see the six other leather-free outfits I am wearing next week…


That´s it for today! What do you think of my selfmade outfit? Leave me a comment below…


I wish you the best day ever!



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