Outfit: Everyday Uniform

An oversized wool jumper, skinny jeans and Doc Martens or Ankle Boots, that´s pretty much everything I wear during winter. I just throw on a jacket and a cosy scarf on top, grab my bag, and I´m ready to go! This combo is fuss-free, warm and comfortable so it ticks all the boxes. Isn´t it boring to wear the same combination the whole winter? Some of you might ask. No actually not at all! I have a lot of different knit jumpers to change it up and accessories make all the difference! Also special shoutout to my new wool bomber ( the secret piece I promised you..) it´s just the coolest thing ever and quite warm as well!

But lets start with the outfit now:



Outfit: Everyday Uniform

Colour Chat: A really wintery colour palette in this outfit, but I quite like it! Especially the burgundy of the cap and bag with the greenish yellow of the scarf!

Texture Talk: Love the texture of my knitted jumper! It´s made of this awesome fluffy wool. It`s extra cosy and enjoyable to wear.

Wool Baseball Cap-H&M – here

Wool Bomber-H&M – here

Scarf-H&M – similar here

Fluffy Knit Jumper-Weekday – similar one here

Skinny Jeans-Monki – here

Shoes-Doc Martens -get them here

Studded Bag-Alexander Wang – in different colours here

Do you like the outfit? For me it´s the one I enjoyed most so far! I really feel like myself in it and I also love the graffiti in the background! Do you have a winter uniform, that you wear over and over again? Tell me in the comments…

I wish you the best day ever!





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