Outfit: Pink Blossoms


Today is actually the 50. blogpost that goes online! When I started my blog back in November, I had no idea how long I would run it, but the longer I blog, the more I love it 🙂 I love to have my own little space to be creative and to connect with you, lovely people! Thank you so much to everyone, who reads my blog, it means the world to me! For today´s outfit we go in spring modus full force…I absolutely love magnolia trees, the way they look with their big, pink blossoms and their strong and sweet scent. And I really love walking under the branches and soak the beauty of this tree right in. So this is what I did for today´s outfit. It was a really nice spring day and I wore my new favourite blush coloured jumper, which matched the tree so perfectly. I paired it with kick- flare jeans, which felt weird because I never wore any kind of flared pants since I was 13 years old, but I have to say I really enjoyed how they gave the outfit a different silhouette….







Colour Chat: I´m really into the colours of this outfit! I absolutely love my burgundy bag, but it tends to look more appropriate for fall and winter, the blush colour of the jumper, makes it look really fresh, though ! I think it´s interesting to see how the right match ( blush and burgundy ) can change the game!  🙂 The dark jeans and black shoes make a nice base for the rest of the outfit….

Texture Talk: The jumper has an amazing texture. It´s made from this ribbed, striped material that gives it a beautiful 3D appearance, which is emphasised by the silver sparkle…LOVE it!


Jumper-H&M – here

Jeans-H&M – here


Bag-Mini Rockie by Alexander Wang

What is your favourite spring flower / tree?….. Let´s reach for the next goal together, which is 100 blogposts. I can´t wait!!! 🙂

I wish you the best day ever!



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  1. Katherine says:

    I love the style and color of the sweater!


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