Outfit: Polka Dots and Pastel Sneaker


With the start of March spring begins for me as well. I know, I know the official date for the beginning of spring has not arrived yet, but that´s just how I feel about the first of March! With this outfit I want to celebrate the start of spring with you! For me nothing can do that as good as an casual outfit with some new beautiful sneaker! Fresh like a new start, the pastel colour of mine reminds me of flowers! They are spring in shoe form 😉 The pair I´m wearing are the mint Adidas Gazelle and I love them so so much! Really comfy and easy to pair with any laid back outfit this sneaker are the perfect addition to my shoe collection. Let the fun spring times begin!






Colour Chat: This outfit has a colour palette, that gives me major spring feels! The pastel mint and apricot work together like a dream, but are still quite an unexpected combo. The blue jeans clash a bit with the other colours involved but I think it makes the outfit a little more exciting..

Texture Talk: The silky texture of the bomber stands out and really makes the outfit special! I also love the suede of the shoes, it gives the sneaker an even softer appearance which is a perfect match to the pastel colour!

Bomber Jacket-ADPT



Shoes*-Adidas Gazelle

Bag-& Other Stories

Do you have a spring piece you can´t wait to wear? Let me know in the comments..

I wish you the best day ever!




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10 responses to “Outfit: Polka Dots and Pastel Sneaker”

  1. Katherine says:

    I have been wanting to get those shoes, but I was so hesitant. They look so good on you girl, I want them again now! Hahaha


  2. I like your bomber jacket and how you styled it, very cool look!


  3. Reine says:

    Oh I love the colour palette you chose for this outfit! Love the jacket too, I’ve been looking for one similar to the one you used here!

    Reine | Sincerely Reine

  4. Girl, those new sneakers are gorgeous! Very cool and urban outfit with the bomber jacket and the polka dot jeans. Hope you are having a fantastic week!
    Saida | She talks Glam

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