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Cooking or baking without recipe? Not any easy task and one that can fail easily…It´s good to have some guidance, right? It´s just the same with putting outfits together…When you have some foolproof “outfit recipes”, then it so much easier to get dressed and like the result 😉 It´s a total game changer believe me! I am gonna show you how to find your personal “outfit recipes” and show you mine as an example…Let´s start!

The idea explained

So here is one of my fave outfit recipes:

Oversized Sweater – Straight Leg Jeans – Flats 

I just have a nice selection of each ingredient in my wardrobe and dress according to this recipe, easy peasy! 🙂 And it just works always!

Here is a example of me wearing this recipe:

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As you can see I added a beanie and my favourite bag, accessories ( or different make up or hair styles ) can help to change things up a bit, while you still don´t have think about your outfit…


Another recipe I love:

Blouse – Straight Leg Jeans – Sneakers 

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How to find your outfit recipes

Think about outfits you really feel great in, then deconstruct them into their ingredients and write down your formulas!

For example if you love to wear a fitted midi dresses with a cardigan on top, loafers and a tote bag, your recipe looks like this:

Cardigan – Fitted Midi Dress – Loafers 

If you realise now that you own way to less of the ingredients, but way to much of stuff you don´t actually love to wear, it´s maybe time to change that…



Share your favourite “outfit recipe” with me in the comments down below if you want, I would love to know what you feel best in!…See you on Sunday at 8pm CET with a new outfit post 🙂


I wish the best day ever!




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