Outfit: Inspired By Sailors And Soldiers

Happy Sunday! Stripes and camouflage, a print combination I just can´t get enough of. Stripes are easily the pattern I have most of in my wardrobe and that I wear all the time. The same applies to my camo jacket, I wore it a lot the last few weeks! It was perfect for the gorgeous warm weather we had. So of course I ended up mixing these two patterns , it just happened naturally, and now I am kind of obsessed…

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Colour Chat: This outfit only gains some colour because of the camo jacket. The green, brown and beige tones add some warmth to the black and white boots & dress combo and I really like that. I tried to add a few more warm colours to my Autumn Capsule and so far I am loving what they can do for my wardrobe!


Texture Talk: The ruffled sleeves on the striped dress really add some nice texture and take the dress from basic to special. Such a cute little detail that makes all the difference!

Camouflage Jacket *-Vintage

Striped Dress *-Armed Angels

Chelsea Boots – Covari ( old, not vegan )

Round Bag *-Baggu

Sunnies *-Ray Ban Clubmaster

All items marked with a * are sustainable and / or fair

That´s it for today. Which patterns do you like to mix? Leave me a comment below. If you wanna read some more then check out the autumnal haul(ternative ) I posted last Sunday or have a look at another outfit, which is all about styling the black blazer…


I wish you the best day ever!





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