Outfit: Light Layering & Heavy Gold

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Colour Chat: This outfit has a lot of black, which makes the blue and white of the striped shirt, as well as the navy of the bag, pop. The gold accents really stand out on that dark surface and add a bit of glam to the whole look…  


Texture Talk: Linen is such a nice material with such a distinctive texture! It´s not smooth, but more of the rough side and always a bit crinkled which gives the striped shirt a lot of charme and a casual vibe…

Linen  Shirt-H&M ( old )

Black T-shirt-Asos ( old )

Jeans*-Urban Outfitter BDG ( old )

Shoes*-Dr Martens ( old ) ( not vegan ) –get vegan ones here

Navy Bag*-Sans Beast – here

Strap*-Angela Roi ( from my “Grace” bag )

Necklace-H&M ( old )


all items marked with a * are sustainable and / or fair

That´s it for today! How do you layer for transitional weather? Leave me a comment down below. If you wanna read some more then check out last Sunday´s post, a review of the Angela Roi Grace Cross-Body, or read all about my fave vegan cookbooks…  


I wish you the best day ever!  





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