Outfit: Suede Biker And A Wink


Recently my style changed quite a bit. Normally, as spring comes around, my style gets a lot more casual, but that´s it. No more changes on the style front. But this year I noticed a big style shift. My spring wardrobe not only got more casual and colourful, it also got a lot more playful and bold. A denim jacket with slogan, a cropped sweater with a bold print and cute little pins, that I attach to my plain sweatshirts. I kinda said goodbye to my old, minimal style approach and I´m absolutely loving it! I´m not sure where this comes from, but I know, that it´s been a long time since I had so much fun with fashion! It feels easy and joyful again, something I´ve missed terribly for a while. For the longest time I made dressing quite a strict and serious thing. I tried to match all the colours in my outfit perfectly and was frustrated when the result did not work out how I wanted it to be… now I just have fun with colours and patterns and when they clash with one another, I see it as a way to make the outfit more unique and interesting…









Colour Chat: The magenta and blue slogan of the sweatshirt are a surprisingly good fit to the petrol of the suede jacket. There is also a lot of black in this outfit, but I think it´s necessary to balance out the bold coloured bits…and it works really well! White adds a bit of spring freshness, love that!

Texture Talk: There are two prominent textures in this outfit: number one is the patent leather of the bag and shoes, and the second is the suede of the biker jacket. Both textures contribute a lot to this look, in my opinion. The patent leather adds a luxurious factor, while the suede makes the biker jacket softer and the outfit less edgy in appearance…

Suede Biker Jacket-Pop Copenhagen

Sweatshirt-Pull & Bear – here

Long White Shirt-Monki

Shiny Leggings-Urban Outfitters

Fishnet Socks-Asos – here

Patent Leather Shoes-Dr Martens – here


Fringed Bag-Maje


Do you like the outfit? Does your style change with the arrival of spring? Let me know in the comments…

I wish you the best day ever!




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8 responses to “Outfit: Suede Biker And A Wink”

  1. Monica says:

    love your jacket. such a cute color and you make it work by pairing with sweater and shirt. love the cordi <3


  2. Amy says:

    This styling is awesome!! Love the suede + sweatshirt combo 🙂

    xx, Amy

  3. Omg – your look is just amazing.
    A Must-Have is this jacket – I need this on in my life 😉



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