Sustainable & Fair Fashion: Summer Fabric Guide


To make sure we shop sustainable, we have to buy our clothes from sustainable brands, right? Not necessarily! Of course this is one way to support sustainability, but there are a lot of other ways to do exactly that…One alternative is to check the care label for information about the fabric, that was used to make a clothing item, because some fabrics are more sustainable than others! So today I want to show you some fabrics, that are perfect for summer & are really sustainable, as well…


Generally keep these two things in mind:

1. When the word “organic” stands before the fabric name, that´s always good, because it means it was grown without chemical fertilizers.

2. Same counts for the word “recycled”. Which means that old fabric was reused to make the clothing item.

Organic Cotton

Grown without any chemical fertilizers, this fabric is very soft, absorbent and breathable, so it´s perfect to wear in the summer time. Lots of clothing items can be made of organic cotton, but it´s mostly used for jeans, t-shirts & sweatshirts…

Did you know that “Monki” makes their jeans from organic cotton, as well as some t-shirts? Cool, right?

Recycled Cotton

The reuse of old fabric is a really effective way to reduce waste! Old clothing items, called “post consumer waste”, as well as waste resulting from cutting the fabric before it´s sewn, called “pre consumer waste”, is shredded and then spun into new yarn. This yarn is then made into new fabric 🙂

H&M regulary makes “Conscious Collections” that are made with recycled fibres!



This fabric is made out of wood pulp. The pulp is transformed into a fibre by using a non-toxic solvent. Not much water is needed for the process and the solvent can be reused. Clothes made of Lyocell are really soft, fluid and very comfortable to wear, especially in summer. It´s also a very versatile fabric that can be used for making tops, trousers, shirts & dresses etc….

H&M often has some tops or trousers made of Lyocell, I think that´s really good to know…


This fabric, regardless if it´s organic or not, needs little to no fertilizers to grow. Every part of the plant can be used, so there isn´t any waste. With it´s cooling and light effect it´s the perfect summer fabric, for sure! Linen can be used to make blouses, and floaty dresses or even be blended with organic cotton to use in jeans….

Linen clothing can easily be found in every price category, so it a really good way to shop sustainable when you are on a budget 🙂


Of course looking at the fabrics, doesn’t include the working conditions of the people making the clothes, so the fair aspect is not covered…But I think it good to know that shopping sustainable can be done in lots of different ways…


Did you know about the important role of fabrics for sustainability? I did not-and I found it really interesting when I found out! It´s such any easy way to support a good cause…

I wish you the best day ever!



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  1. Meredith says:

    This is a great guide to breathable and comfortable summer fabrics! Thanks for sharing your knowledge =)

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