Capsule Wardrobe: 3 Different Approaches


On Sunday I introduced you to the whole capsule wardrobe world, giving you a rough overview on it. Today I want go deeper into that topic and show you different approaches for creating a capsule wardrobe. There are strict and more loose ways of doing it. I´m gonna talk you trough some of them and also gonna tell you which approach I´m going to use for building my capsule. Hopefully this helps you finding the approach that is right for you…here we go:


The Strict, Number Orientated Way

As the name suggests, this a strict and very stiff structured way of having a capsule. You have the number of clothes you want to include in your capsule, let´s say 35, as a fix thing, nothings gonna change there. You also have a clear frame which pieces you going to have which number of, for example four pair of jeans, six tops and so on…I actually think, this way is a good place to start a capsule wardrobe journey, because there is less room for going back into old bad habits. Everything is fix and therefor giving you a clear outlook on the do´s and don´t´s….

The Semi Relaxed Way

You just set a frame, that makes its easy for you to keep organized within your capsule wardrobe. For example you set the number of pieces included in your capsule to about 35, but don´t bother if you end up with just 33 items, or 37.  Same it´s for the number of trousers, t-shirts and so on…I love this approach! But keep in mind that a looser frame, also means more self discipline if you want to make it work 🙂

The Loose, Fluid Way

No frame, no numbers just trusting your gut and going with the flow here 🙂 I think this approach is only suited for those who already have some experience with capsule wardrobes and a lot of self discipline….


A few things that are important for all approaches:

  1. Don´t get to loose on the rules, ( mindful shopping at the beginning of a new season, no shopping during the seasons, Include only mixable clothes that fit your style and lifestyle perfectly ). I think it´s important to follow the shopping related rules in some way to make the whole capsule thing work, the third one, aimed at your style and lifestyle, should always be followed a hundred percent, because that´s the reason for wanting a capsule, right?!
  2. Mixing two approaches might be a good option as well, just pick whatever you think works best for you….
  3. Don´t forget to enjoy it! It should not feel like a visit at the dentist …. 😉


I´m choosing the half relaxed way for creating my capsule, because I want the process to feel enjoyable and I think for me that´s only the case if I have some room for changes…What about you? Which approach are you excited to try? Tell me in the comments…..

I wish you the best day ever!



There is now a new category added to the style section of the menu, called “capsule wardrobe”. All capsule related post have their own home there. So if you fancy reading all capsule posts, head straight to this category and have a look….


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