Sustainable & Fair Fashion: My Vegan Bag Collection

Hello everyone! As you might know by now, I decided to get rid of all my leather shoes, bags & other accessories. I already sold / donated / gave away some of them and grew my vegan bag collection quite a bit. In fact I think I have exactly the amount of bags I need now, so I am not gonna by any in the near future. Today I want to share my small, but lovely vegan bag collection with you. Some of them are vegan leather, some are just fabric ones, but all of them are free of animal suffer! Here we go…

Velvet Glam

In my opinion, velvet is one of the most  gorgeous & luxurious fabrics! And I kind of have a soft spot for all things velvet, so it´s not surprising my bag for special occasions is made out of that fabric. I love the gold chain strap & little gold bee detail on the flap, they add even more glam to the bag…

Rise The Fun Factor

Want to add something a little bit crazy & fun to a plain outfit? Just pair it with a metallic bag and you are good to go! I love this one for going out in the evening, but I also rock it any other time of the day 😉 (  It´s from the small vegan brand “Good Mood Moon” and you can buy it  here )

Round Summer Vibes

A circular shape, recycled cotton fabric, and an easy going vibe, that´s exactly what you need for summer! This one is perfect for those hot days when I only want to carry the essentials and add a light coloured accent to my outfit…plus it´s washable, a must for a light bags like this one! ( from the brand “Baggu”, available here ) vegan bag collection

Everyday Hero

The one that´s always a good choice, can fit all you need on a daily basis, is practical & looks amazing with every outfit. Yes this bag is exactly that and more! I am truly obsessed with this beauty! ( From “Angela Roi”, buy it here )vegan bag collection


Yes bags are great, but there are just some days and activities, where I want to have my hands-free. That´s when I reach for a backpack. I have the same style, the “Fjällräven Kanken”, in the mini size and the normal one. The little size is perfect for a day out, the bigger one is great for weekend trips… ( get your own here )

That´s it! These are all the bags I am using! I hope you enjoyed seeing them all. I linked the exact items ( if available )  in the text incase you are on the hunt for a new handbag, and you can also shop for similar items down below…

See the bags in my outfit posts:

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Metallic Bag – here

Circle Bag – here

Black Backpack – here

Green Backpack – here



I wish you the best day ever!




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