How To Make Your Wardrobe Vegan – Tips For A Smooth Transition

When I first started the transition to an animal free wardrobe, I was clueless about the whole vegan fashion world. It was scary at first because there was so much to learn and so many things to be aware of. But I managed to dive into the vegan fashion pool and slowly learned swimming as time moved on. I am enjoying the journey so far, because it´s just the best reward to know that no animals are harmed for what I am wearing. Today I wanna share with you what I learned so far,  hopefully these tips gonna help some of you on your journey to a vegan wardrobe 🙂


Do it one animal sourced fabric at a time

That means pick one fabric that originates from animals ( leather, silk, fur, wool ) and focus on replacing items that include this fabric in your wardrobe. I started with leather, just because I found it to be the cruelest one of them all and the fabric I had most of in my wardrobe. By picking one fabric after another you split up this big task into less overwhelming smaller ones. I found that really helpful! vegan wardrobe tips

Search for vegan replacements before selling

Selling / donating my leather items was not easy for me, even though I knew it was the right thing to do. What helped me a lot was looking for beautiful vegan replacements. It not only showed me how many  awesome vegan options are available to buy ( there are so, so many! ) and therefor cured my anxiety of not finding any cute shoes and bags in the future, but it also made the process of getting rid of my leather stuff way easier once I found a vegan replacement I loved equally, no, even more, because no animal harm involved! If you are in need of some vegan shopping inspiration, then follow me on Instagram! vegan wardrobe tips

Consider All the Fabrics Available

Don´t just focus on replacing all your leather items with faux ones, but also have a look at all the other fabric options that are available to buy. That´s a mistake I made and it took me quite a while to realise that I was missing out on some true gems! I have a circle bag that´s  made from cotton ( that is also mainly recycled )  and it´s just perfect for summer! I wear it several times a week. See me wearing it here & here

Ethical & vegan? not always possible!

There is some pressure in the vegan and ethical fashion community to always be perfect, and that´s not a good vibe! Sometimes combining ethical and vegan in a purchase is just not possible. And that´s fine!  I have a pair of fake suede sandals from H&M and I think that´s ok as long as I wear them a lot and make it an exception to buy something from there. We all have to be easy with our judgements! Nobody is perfect!

Take your time

I can´t stress that enough. Building a vegan wardrobe you love is only possible if you find perfect animal free replacements! Item´s that make you feel amazing and happy. And that takes some time, so take it, or regret it 😉 My wardrobe isn´t fully vegan yet and I am sure it´s gonna take me some time still to get there…

Keep your treasures

You wanna keep your favourite leather boots or silk blouse? Non- vegan Items that have special memories attached to them? In my opinion that´s totally fine. The damage is already done when it comes to those items, so you might as well keep & wear those pieces that hold a special place in your heart. Just make sure your future buys are vegan….


I hope you find my vegan wardrobe tips useful! Feel free to share your tips in the comments so we can all learn from each other 🙂


I wish you the best day ever!



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  1. It is a slow and steady process as you have mentioned, but it certainly wins the race in building a wardrobe that you feel better about!

  2. Nice says:

    Yeah it´s all about taking your time and really loving what you buy, right?! So glad you agree, thanks for reading 🙂

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