Walk and Talk: Spring Edition


I want to have a proper chat with my lovely readers, so today I´m kickin off a new series! It´s all about a walk and a talk, means: I show you some beautiful photos from my spring walk and we gonna have a nice chat, just like friends catching up on things! It should feel like we are on the walk together and have a fabulous time! I hope trough this series you get to know me, and the city I live in, a bit better in a fun, new way 🙂 I´m gonna do one of this post every season, and today we are starting with the spring edition! Who´s excited?

blooming tree

Last weekend was my graduation ceremony at university, and I really enjoyed seeing my friends again. We already got our degree last summer, and  moved away from the town we studied in, so I did not see them for a long time. For me the four years at university where the best of my whole life. I really, really loved the course I studied ( textile design ). I enjoyed learning how to make beautiful patterns for fabrics and learning how to sew. I was really enthusiastic about printing my own fabrics and trying out different techniques of weaving. It seriously was the perfect course of studies for me. But the best part where the friendships I made! And when I saw some of my friends last weekend it just felt like no time had passed at all! It just clicked and talking to them was so natural immediately! That made me really happy, although the ceremony itself was quite boring, not gonna lie, haha 😉flowers

I HAVE to talk a bit about this insanely amazing spring weather! Normally March here in Germany is still quite cold, maybe 10°C – 15°C, but this time it was so, so warm! Today we actually have 25°C, these temperatures are expected in June. It honestly feels like being on summer vacation for a few days! So amazing!

Nature kind of exploded and everything started blooming recently. It´s so colourful! Just look at that amazing flower design in the photo above. In my city they do this at different places in spring, every year. Each year they choose a new design, and sometimes they change it multiple times during spring and summer. It looks amazing, don´t you think so?


A river is so satisfying to look at, who agrees? The park near where I live has a beautiful one, you can even swim in it in the summer time. We have an old river swimming bath. They sell fries and ice cream and you can lay in the sun before diving into the water. It is quite cold, but for really hot days, it´s so refreshing! I have to admit I´m not a huge fan of swimming, because I always get cold so easily, even when it´s warm outside. Especially my feet are ALWAYS cold! It´s pretty annoying… 😉


I´m quite a Netflix addict and not ashamed about that fact 😉 . I mean how amazing are some of the series?! “How to get away with murder”, “Grace and Frankie” and the new one ” Riverdale” are my favourites at the moment. I also just finished “Stranger Things” a few weeks ago and I absolutely LOVED it! ( I know Im really late to the party! I remember when it came out and everyone was kind of obsessed with it, but for some reason I never watched it.) I think the mix between mysteries, 80´s retro America and an utopia is just amazing! Honestly, it blew my mind and I can´t wait for the next season!

Speaking of watching: Did you already watch the new “Beauty and the Beast” movie? Did you enjoy it? I haven´t yet, but I wanna see it badly! I´m a sucker for fantasy novels and fairy tales! Sometimes it´s just nice to escape reality…


Nature always has a calming effect on me, and so does reading. I mostly read in the evening, lying in my cosy bed and seeing the world through reading from a totally different perspective. It´s inspiring and that´s why I love it…At the moment I read a book about the british and designer and activist Vivienne Westwood, whom I adore. She has such a creative mind and a really good heart….My favourite book of all times has to be Harry Potter. I want to live in this wizard world with all his beautiful and magical creatures ( unicorns! ) and drink a huge cup of tea with Hagrid…

We came to the end of this spring Walk and Talk, I hope you enjoyed it! What are you up to these days? Please tell me in the comments what you think about the new series…

I wish you the best day ever!



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6 responses to “Walk and Talk: Spring Edition”

  1. Annabelle says:

    I am so excited for Spring! Everything is starting to get greener and it’s finally getting warmer. And it being light in the morning makes it so much easier to get up! Loved this post!

    x Annabelle

  2. Quina says:

    This is such a cool concept for a blog post. The photos are lovely! …. Congrats on your graduation!

    • Nice says:

      Thank you, Quina! Glad you like the idea of this post and the photos…and thanks for the congrats to my graduation 🙂

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