Walk And Talk: Summer Edition

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It´s time to continue the walk and talk series today, and I am pretty excited for this ( ok I am really excited  😉 ). In case you don’t know what walk and a talk means: I show you some beautiful photos from my summer walk and we gonna have a nice chat, just like friends catching up on things! It should feel like we are on the walk together and have a fabulous time! I hope trough this series you get to know me, and the city I live in, a bit better in a fun, new way…Life has been challenging the last few months, but recently I feel like I am on the right path again!

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Job Ahoy

I love blogging, I really do, but at the moment I can´t make enough money to live from it, and it came to a point where I tried so hard to grow my audience and earn money, that the pressure overshadowed the love I had for this blog and you, my lovely readers…So something needed to change, it took me a long time to pick up the courage, but I finally made decision to search for a job. I wanted one that I truly enjoy doing and feel at the right place, and it wasn’t an easy task, I can tell you! But Since this Monday I finally have a new job! I feel nervous about this new challenge, but I am also sure that it is the right thing to do and it´s going to help me grow as a person…It´s the best for my blog as well, because I can just enjoy the ride and don´t have to worry about money…


New Glasses, Baby!

It was my birthday two weeks ago and for this occasion I treated myself to a new pair of glasses. My old ones were actually not strong enough anymore and so the opportunity was good to look for a new frame as well. It was quite a challenge to find the right one! At first I wanted a round, big one with a metal rose gold frame ( so pretty! ) but sadly the glasses I needed would be to thick to fit the frame, then I discovered a really cool pair from Gucci with a clear, silver glitter infused frame, but it was just a bit to expressive for everyday wear…Finally I found the perfect clear frame from Céline, and on Monday I finally got it with my new improved glasses. And I love how they look! Check out my instagram for a detailed photo…The new glasses are also going to be in the new outfit post up on sunday 😉

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Wedding Time

Now, as I am getting older, weddings become a thing, as my friends are getting engaged now ( it´s crazy for me to think I am that old, haha 😀 ). This weekend I am attending the first wedding since I was a small kid, and I can´t wait for it! My cousin is getting married and it´s gonna be so lovely to see the whole family and celebrate. I also love the fact that I can wear something fancy for this occasion and escape my capsule wardrobe for an evening. If you want to see what I wore to the wedding, make sure to come back on sunday for a full wedding outfit post 🙂

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Life Is Short

I am young and I am gonna live for a long time, so there is so need to grasp every opportunity, right?! Wrong! It can be over so, so quickly. A disease, a car crash  or a terrorist attack, all that can happen out of nowhere and your life can be over…I thought a lot about this topic after I saw a death notice in the newspaper a few days ago. It was a young man, who died of cancer at the age of 21…It really broke my heart…So what I am trying to say is: Don´t waste days or opportunities! Live your life at the fullest and enjoy it as much as you can!


So that´s it for the summer walk and talk edition, I hope you enjoyed it 🙂 Comment down below what is challenging in your life right now, or what  you are really looking forward to….

I wish you the best day ever!




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  1. So jealous on all these beautiful locations. I need to travel some more xD. Wishing you a great day. xx


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