Walk And Talk: Winter Edition

It´s January which means it´s time again for my “Walk And Talk” series here on the blog! For my new lovely readers, ( hi by the way! ) I am gonna explain it quickly: It´s a series that I do once every season and it´s all about a walk and a talk, means: I show you some beautiful photos from my wintery walk and we gonna have a nice chat, just like friends catching up on things! It should feel like we are on the walk together and have the best time! I hope trough this series you get to know me a bit better in a fun, new way. So let´s jump right in!

Rediscovered Hobby

When I was at Uni I sew a lot, it was part of my studies and I LOVED it! We had a whole big room just for cutting and ironing, and another where all the sewing machines stood. My friends and I spent most of our days, especially towards the end of our studies, sewing together and it was so much fun. But then I graduated and after that I tried not to think too much about sewing, because I missed it and all the hours I spent with my friends a lot. It was painful. I had a really good sewing machine at home, but I just felt sad when I looked at it so I avoided touching it. And as time moved on, I kind of forgot how much I loved it back then. But a few weeks before Christmas, I ordered two sewing magazines and as soon as they arrived, and I saw the amazing patterns they had, I was hooked again. Until that day I sew two tops and two trousers and I can´t stop. It´s just so much fun creating something you can wear with your own hands, it´s so rewarding and it makes you proud of yourself as well. You can look at that piece and think: I made this, and it looks amazing! It´s the best feeling!

Missing The Sun

Where I live, winter has been especially grey and dark so far. We had near to none sun hours and it´s really getting on my mood lately. I just need sunlight to feel happy and enjoy my life to the fullest. That being said, I try to make the most of it and spent more hours blogging and sewing, because I don´t have to feel guilty to be indoors most of the time. And the days are getting longer again, it´s really noticeable, so cheers to that 😉


Reflecting On 2017

The new year always starts with Winter ( at least where I live 😉 ) so I associate it with reflecting on the past year a lot. 2017 was a year of personal growth for me for sure! I think I really seized this year to get my mental health back on track. It was incredible hard sometimes, there where days I felt so, so anxious and nothing worked the way I wanted, but I powered trough it and the result was well worth it! I now feel ready to grow even more towards the person I am supposed to be. Bring it on 2018!

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Ok that´s it for today, I hope you enjoyed going on a wintery walk with me! I would love to hear what´s going on in your life at the moment, so feel free to share some of it with me in the comments 🙂 See you on Sunday at 8pm CET with a new post….


I wish you the best day ever!




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4 responses to “Walk And Talk: Winter Edition”

  1. Katherine says:

    What beautiful sights on your walk! I thought I’d miss the sun too, but sometimes I like the gloomy weather and sometimes I really hate it hahaha. Love/hate relationship, I guess.


    • Nice says:

      Gloomy weather has it´s positive sides, that´s true. I mean it´s so cosy to stay indoors with a cup of tea and watch the rain or snow falling, right?! But I just can´t get enough of sunlight and warmth 🙂 Thanks for reading, Katherine, wish you a great week!

  2. That’s surely a cute winter sunset, Shanice ♥ I totally feel you with needing the sun light to enjoy life to the fullest, I am the same so the winter months in England are quite tough and take their toll on my mood at times… however as you just mentioned, days are getting longer and spring is round the corner, yay! On the hobby front, I don’t know how to sew but my sister is a real machine and she makes amazing pieces that are truly beautiful and inspiring, so keep it up babe! Happy Sunday Xx

    Saida | She talks Glam

    • Nice says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Saida! Yep the winter weather is really not good for the mood, right?! Let´s just hope spring hurries up and arrives early at our doorsteps 😉 I wish you a great week!

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