Walk & Talk: Spring Edition 2018

May has started, Spring is in full bloom and that means it´s time for another “Walk & Talk” post! I love doing them and I hope you guys enjoy reading them as well. In case you aren´t familiar with the format:  It´s a series that I do once every season where I show you some beautiful photos from my spring walk and we gonna have a nice chat, just like friends catching up on things! It should feel like we are on the walk together and have the best time! So let´s do this!

Veganism Rules

So I was experimenting with a vegan diet for quite a while, but it´s only since a few months, I am really interested in and curious about a vegan and cruelty free lifestyle. So not only food, but fashion and cosmetics as well. The whole package. I am not sure why I got so into it lately, but it´s been such an amazing journey and continues to be. I feel way more connected to my loving and caring side since becoming fully vegan. Maybe because I am really embracing my love for animals and listening to the voice inside me that just says “no” to eating and wearing them. It´s truly beautiful and makes me a happier person 🙂

A Good Heart

I never talked about that on the blog before because it´s  so personal, but for the quite some time, I was taking heart medication. It was helping with the issues I had, but it also had quite strong side effects, which made me tired and depressed. It was hard sometimes..Last week I visited the doctor, he checked my heart and said I don´t need the medication any longer. I was so, so happy! I celebrated by taking a day trip with my mom to a near city. We did some shopping and had such a good time!

Passion Driven

The older I get, the more I see how important my passions are for my wellbeing. They keep me going and making me curious about what else there is to discover when it comes to my passions or finding new ones, too. The passion for fashion is what made me start this blog, and the passion for animals is what made me go vegan. Both of it brings so much joy to my life and makes me grow as a person, which is all I need to feel grateful… What is a passion of yours?

Saying Goodbye

Last Saturday my cat Pirella died and it was heartbreaking. I got her when I was 11 years old, that means she was with me most of my life. That cat was a really petite, but headstrong lady. Always there cheering me up, and now she´s gone forever. She had a liver problem and wasn’t´t able to recover. We didn’t see that coming so it was a shock. We buried her in our garden and decorated her coffin with flowers…


I hope you enjoyed taking this very green spring walk with me and hearing about what´s going on in my life….Maybe you wanna share something about your recent life with me? Then just leave me a comment. I would love to hear it!


I wish you the best day ever!



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