What I learned From having a Capsule

Hello and happy Sunday! I am doing Capsule Wardrobes for over a year now and feel like I have learned quite a few lessons since starting this journey back in 2017. Now it´s 2019 already ( time flies ) and I think it´s time to put my thoughts about having a Capsule into one place and share with you what I learned during that time. So let´s start!

It´s a process

Like anything else in life, having and maintaining a good Capsule Wardrobe is a process. Your taste changes, your lifestyle changes and also you body can change from time to time. And whenever that happens you need to adjust your wardrobe to your changing needs. That´s why your are never fully done with your wardrobe and that´s fine, because I think nobody is and it´s completely normal!

It´s all about the right items

A Capsule Wardrobe is limited in terms of options, that´s why it´s super important to have the right clothes. Clothes you love to wear and feel comfortable and confident in. When your Capsule Wardrobe feel restrictive it´s not about the quantity of clothes, but the quality of them!

It sparks creativity

Having a limited amount of clothes makes you way more creative when putting together an outfit. It´s all about layering and coming up with new ways of wearing an item over and over again. I really like having that challenge and playing around with my wardrobe. And by doing that I also make the most out of the pieces I own without getting bored.

Getting dressed gets so much easier

Yes it´s what everybody says about having a Capsule, but it is so true! I love to feel great in what I am wearing but I also hate spending way to much time thinking about it. And a Capsule really helps me to stress less about my outfits, but still look well dressed every day. Plus when you think less about clothes and your appearance you have way more energy to put elsewhere, for example reading, spending time with your friends / family or cuddling with your cat.

It helps you define your style

A Capsule Wardrobe is a really great tool to develop or define your style quite naturally. Because the amount of clothes you choose your outfits from daily is limited, it´s really easy to see what you reach for all the time and love to wear. A good way to start building a wardrobe full of things you love and therefore are your style.

Don´t take it too seriously

This whole Capsule Wardrobe thing should make you feel good in the clothes you are wearing, but in the end it´s just about clothes and we all know there are far more important things in life than that, so don´t take it too seriously and just enjoy the ride!

That´s it for today! I would love to hear to which of the lessons I mentioned you can relate and what you learned from having a Capsule. So feel free to leave me a comment down below and I see you on Wednesday with a brand new outfit post.

I wish you the best day ever!



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