Sustainable Style: Why I Quit Fast Fashion


The Eye Opening Documentary

About two month ago I watched a movie on “Netflix” that changed my view on fashion forever: It´s called “The True Cost”. This documentary is a 92 minutes long eye opener about the working conditions of the people who make our clothes, shoes and accessories. Wages that can not cover the costs for food or clothes, toxic chemicals that make the workers really ill and  air pollution that destroys our planet… these are only a few examples how “Fast Fashion” treats their workers and the environment.

The Rana Plaza Tragedy

In  April 24. 2013 the Rana Plaza Building, a home of five huge factories for the fashion industry, collapsed upon the people working inside. Over 1000 men and women got killed. The collapse was not something nobody new would happen sooner or later, though. The building had cracks and the workers did not want to be inside, because they feared something like this would happen. But they were forced to go back in and work…

The Awareness

I realised that everyone who buys “Fast Fashion”, as the specialists call it, is part of WHY this building collapsed. We want new clothes and we want them fast and cheap. This is why the people were forced to go back into that factories and work and that´s why we, the customers, have the power to change things.

The Easy Way To Support

We can hop off the Fast Fashion train! We can support the need of save working conditions and minimum wages, by buying fair and sustainable fashion brands. And that´s exactly what I do now…I recently bought my first sustainable and fair produced clothing item and it felt so, so good. It felt good to buy something that I love to wear, sure, but it felt even better to know that I support a brand that treats every worker in their supply chain with dignity and makes sure they are paid fair and have a save work space!

Read More About Fast Fashion Issues

Fashion revolution is an amazing website to get more knowledge about this topic! They do all kind of amazing stuff to raise awareness, for example, they made and awesome book that you can read online all about why we need a fashion revolution. Although that´s a serious topic they do spread the message in an enjoyable way. Check that out here


I hope you found this post interesting…it´s so important to spread the message! What do you think about sustainable and fair fashion? I would love to here your opinion in the comments…

I wish you the best day ever!



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6 responses to “Sustainable Style: Why I Quit Fast Fashion”

  1. Katherine says:

    I feel like I should watch that movie on Netflix. A lot of what you’re saying is stuff I am slightly aware of, but definitely should be more educated on. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Rachel says:

    I completely agree that “fast fashion” shouldn’t really be supported.
    I took up sewing in January and now I’m trying to focus on making my own or only buying good quality classic pieces that will last.
    Thanks for raising the awareness!

    Coffee & Avocados

    • Nice says:

      Sewing is such an amazing way to be more sustainable! I love to sew as well, I even sew a whole collection for my bachelor dissertation 🙂 Thanks for reading, Rachel!

  3. Zineb says:

    Hey 🙂
    Thanks for your post, I have been thinking of quiting fast fashion a lot recently for some of the reasons you mentioned on your post but also because I buy a way less than before since I try to become more minimalist.
    I have to buy summer clothes but I don’t really know where to buy quality and fair made pieces (I don’t really mind if it’s second hand). I live in Paris so I am pretty sure I can find this kind of clothes, I just need to do some researches.

    Great blog by the way, I will follow it 😉


    • Nice says:

      Hey Zineb, I´m so glad you found the way to my blog 🙂 I know that finding brands to support can be tricky in the beginning, but when you do some research it becomes easier with time. I also love to shop vintage 🙂 So jealous that you live in Paris, I love the fashion and the vibe of this city!

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